Bass Strait Aquatic Club (BSAC)


BSAC 2396 for Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

About us

The Bass Strait Aquatic Club (BSAC) is branch number 2396 of the prestigious British Sub-Aqua Club, the biggest dive club in the world. We are an independent, non profit dive club based in the state of Victoria, Australia. Most members are based in the city of Melbourne, but the club is based down in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula. We Dive Locally the wrecks, reefs, walls and piers of Bass Strait, Port Phillip and Western Port near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, all year round as well as trips to freshwater diving locations such as Mt Gambier and lakes around Victoria.

If you're Already Certified you can just Join the Club and come diving with us. Or if you enjoy the challenge of enhancing your diving skills, you can cross over to the British Sub-Aqua Club certification scheme and progress through a Framework of Qualifications, do some Advanced Diving courses and/or join our Instructor Training Programme.

Contact Us

Club Mailing Address
Bass Strait Aquatic Club
1/49 Peninsula Ave
RYE VIC 3941
Club Contact Person
Diving Officer
Michael Mallis
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